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Resetter for Canon ip3680

17 Juni 2013 1 komentar

Error Codes and Solution for Canon iP and MP Series

22 Juni 2011 5 komentar

These are list of Canon Pixma printer error codes and possible solution. Applicable for Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer IP and MP Series. These error codes mean machine problems. In many cases, the machine will require service. Baca selengkapnya…

Error Code for Canon Pixma Mp258

17 Juni 2011 Komentar dimatikan

P02 (Carriage error)

  1. Make sure no foreign material stuck to the print head railway.
  2. Clean and check the print head encoder strip cable (timing slit film or encoder strip is a white line on the back of the box set of ink lines may be missing or mess up the ink.

P03 (Line feed error): an error in transmission line entering the line feed (LF) is a signal telling the printer to move to another line or a whole new line that would not otherwise have reached the end of the line. Baca selengkapnya…


Resetter for Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648

17 Juni 2011 Komentar dimatikan

Below are all the steps that must be done to reset canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 printer.

Follow these steps : Baca selengkapnya…

Resetter for Canon MP258

16 Juni 2011 Komentar dimatikan

You have to enter in service mode in order to used the resetter. To do that follow this procedure,

1. Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.
2. Hold down STOP/RESET button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let STOP/RESET button go.
4. Then Press STOP/RESET button twice then let BOTH buttons go.
5. You will notice that the Alternate Blinking error is gone, this means that the printer is in Service Mode state.

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